Tuesday, August 07, 2007

TDVP Episode 26- "Home Again, Home Again"

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With Kentucky Music Week over, the trip home begins, but not before one last instructor session with Dave Haas, a fun romp through Chattanooga, Tennessee and a front porch picking session with Mark Gilston.

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Christie said...

Yo Bing! Thanks for making my house famous! We need someone like you doing this work for Team Hammered Dulcimer next-- Y'all look like you're having too much fun!
Come back when you feel like moving to Chattanooga. We'll be waiting.

Bing Futch said...

Aw, your house was already famous! You guys need to keep cameras running all the time - like "Big Brother", but call it, "Big Dulcimer" or something. LOL!

I might be hanging with the Landrums at the end of this month - we must get FRIED PICKLES!!!!

Much love --