Thursday, July 12, 2007

TDVP Episode 21x - "Dueling Podcasts"

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More of Monday at Kentucky Music Week 2007 featuring Stephen Seifert as he conducts his weekly Mountain Dulcimer Folk podcast from the lobby of the Bardstown Quality Inn! Then fast-forward to Steve's end-of-the-week "109 Session" in Room 109.

Watch this video podcast!


judith said...

Now thats what I'm talking about, that dude played exactly like I want to learn to play ,he was awesome, and I'm a geek , and he is too. Bing thanks for all your podcasts, you and the podcasts inspire me and show me things I can't find in Los Angles. Thanks, Pinc (Judith)

Bing Futch said...

Glad you enjoyed this episode! Stephen is the most incredible and inspiring mountain dulcimerist that I've heard - there may be someone out there who could wow me more, but I certainly doubt it. Where in L.A. are you? That's my hometown (if you can call something so huge and sprawling a home "town."