Tuesday, March 13, 2007

TDVP Episode 6 - "Squire Wood's Lament"

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In honor of St. Patrick's day - a tune from one of Ireland's greatest composers; Turlough O'Carolan! (No, I didn't cut my dreads off - they're just in a ponytail.)

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Unknown said...

Hello Bing,
I discovered a Dulcimer in our closet. My wife bought it a long time ago. I used to play guitar and have an ear for music. Can you record a "Getting Started" video? How to tune this thing would be great. Basic Chords, basic finger positions, ect.

We both have been watching your videos here and you rock!!! Good stuff, please don't quit. You have at least 2 fans.

Hill Country Texas - USA

Bing Futch said...

Aloha, Ray!

Thanks for "tuning" in! By all means, rescue that dulcimer from the closet and put some lovin' on it. I will be glad to get you started with some tuning tips and basic chords. I've got one show in the pipeline that will probably hit Monday morning, but the next one that I produce will cover these topics. Thanks for the suggestion!

And as long as there are at least two of you out there, I'll keep doing these. : )

Me ke aloha,